Flying Together

Baby Number One

Gave me wings

Even before he was born.

At any given point,

I could tell you about

My unborn child.

“Now he’s the size of a Cheerio,”

I announced.

I loved being pregnant,

And I looked forward

To meeting our firstborn.

Because I had to have

An emergency cesarean,

It took me a while

Before I even considered having

Baby Number Two.

Maybe because I was busy

With Nathanial…

Maybe because I was fearful

Of a repeat of my previous experience…

Whatever it was,

I didn’t fly as high

With excitement

The second time round.


As soon as Joshua was born,

I took to the skies,

Rejoicing at having

A second son.

Even though I faced

Some physical challenges,

Life was good.

Because I’d always wanted a daughter,

And because I felt I’d missed

The newborn stage,

I informed my hubby,

While still recovering in bed,

That I wanted

A third.

(Poor guy, I’m sure he questioned my sanity.)

Nineteen months later,

We welcomed our baby daughter Sarah.

Our family complete,

It was now time to get down to the business

Of raising them.

Because I’m human,

As are my children,

There were times

It was a challenge,

A very big challenge.

Not only didn’t I soar,

I was responsible

For clipping my family’s wings.

Too often I stumbled along

When I could have flown,

When we all could have flown.

As the saying goes,

When Mama ain’t happy,

Ain’t nobody happy.


There were times

We soared together.

As the years went by,

Those times became

More frequent.

It is my hope,

My dream,

My prayer,

That each one

Will soar.

I also hope,

God willing,

All three will have the opportunity,

One day,

To fly with their own families.

God bless you Nathanial, Joshua, and Sarah. I love you more than words can express.

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches (Proverbs 24:3-4, ESV).


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