Delayed Departure

I was sitting in an airport

A million years ago…

(It was probably more like thirty,

But you get the idea.)


I was waiting to board a flight home.

I had been visiting

My brother and his family

In British Columbia.

While sitting there,

I heard the announcement.

Our departure would be delayed

For approximately an hour

Because they had to

Replace an engine.

Oh, goody!

I was a teenager,

Flying by myself.


I guess it was

Better to find out it

Needed replacing

While the plane was

On the ground.




They’re all important.

We want them to work.

We don’t want to even consider

The possibility that they won’t.

Consider the bird

With the broken wing.

How awful it must be

For a bird to be earthbound.

Birds were meant

For the skies.


Unless its wing is bound

And it remains grounded

Until the wing heals,

The bird won’t fly again.

Its departure will be

Forever delayed.

And then

There’s me.

I want to spread my wings

And soar.

But I find myself


On Terra Firma.


The greatest privilege

Is to tend

The wounded,

The hurting.

With a hug,

I can apply the splint.


Only with prayer

Can I make

The most important difference of all.

I can tend the wound

But I can’t

Heal it.


To the Healer

I pray,

“Please fix what’s broken.”

And He will.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds (Psalm 147:3, ESV).


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