Pursuit of Riches

You can never be rich enough…

Or so the saying goes.


If that’s what I choose to pursue,

It becomes true.

I have a car…

But I want a nicer one.

I have a home…

But I want to completely redecorate.

I eat three times a day (at least)…

But I’d love a chef.

I have stacks of unread books…

But I’m always buying more.

There are clothes hanging in my closet…

But I love to shop.

Am I wealthy by North American standards?


Am I wealthy compared to the vast majority?


Do I want more?

Sadly, yes.

Do I need more?

That’s a big NO!

Will I ever be happy

If accumulating wealth

And the things that go with it

Are my goal?


So today,

In order to shake off the bonds

That restrain my wings,

I must refocus.





Now, there are riches worth pursuing.

Oh, the heights I could reach!

…godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out (1 Timothy 6:6-7, KJV).


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