That’s Flying!

A blinking cursor…

Nagging at me

To put into words

What words can never express.

I tear up just thinking

About the last twenty-six hours.

(And I very rarely cry.)

I shared in the most amazing event.

You see,

I’m in training to become a doula…

Before you ask what that is,

Let me tell you…

A doula provides labour support.

I like to think of it

As being an educated friend.

For me,

It brings out

All my best

Mothering tendencies.

(It helps that I’ll be old enough

To be all the mom’s mothers. [grin])

For those who think birth

Is the most incredible happening

On the planet,

You may understand

How I’m feeling.

For those who don’t,

It’s OK.

Just know,

For me,

Attending a birth…

Now, that’s flying!

Thank you Mommy and Daddy and Mr. Baby for letting me be part of the team. Now I know why the word “awe” was invented.

Sons are a heritage from the LORD,  children a reward from him (Psalm 127:3, NIV).


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