Old Bird

Yes, I’ve been called old.

It happens

After almost half a century

On the planet.

I figure,

What’s a few decades,

When one is going to live forever?

(Yes, I really believe that.)

Have I been called “tough”?

I hope so,

If people mean resilient.

If they mean, bull-headed and obstinate…

Not so much!

So, in-keeping with the theme

Of this blog.

And in-keeping with the holiday season

That is fast approaching,

I guess you could say

I’m one tough, old bird.

(I wish there were emoticons on WP.)

I hope that reference

Can never be applied to me

As a synonym for being

Dry, outdated and of little value

(Like a less-than-appetizing holiday turkey).


If it means I’m a resilient, wise soarer,


I’m OK with that.

Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding? β€œTo God belong wisdom and power; counsel and understanding are his (Job 12:12-13, NIV).


One thought on “Old Bird

  1. Stephie Dear,
    There are emoticons in WP- here see- πŸ™‚

    Old birdie- I like the expression.. πŸ™‚ Half a century- LOLsss I guess I need to really learn to be as Thankful and Proud.. Hopefully I would learn to be as gracious by the time I reach there..

    Loads of Love o your beautiful Blog template- I come after a long time here- super occupied for the month with Nano..

    Love My Dear- xoxox

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