A Tapestry

Life is a tapestry

I can only see

If I take to the skies.

The higher I fly,

The clearer it becomes.

No matter what

Heights I reach,

I will never see

The finished work.

From my perspective,

It will never be complete

This side of Eternity.

Some of the threads

Have sparkled and shone.

And I’ve gotten

Tangled in others.




And then,

There are the ordinary strands.

They don’t stand out.

They don’t seem special.


Unless these threads

And others

Are part of the tapestry,

My life will be incomplete.

And the picture will not be

What it should be.

Would I want all the threads

To be the same?

Or the end product

Mathematically perfect?


My favourite tapestries

Are a combination

Of various materials.

Of colour.

Of texture.

Of interest.


Whatever each day may bring,

May I be thankful

That each event,

Each triumph,

Each struggle

Is part of the tapestry

That is Life.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens… (Ecclesiastes 3).


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