Wayward Plastic

In today’s world,

We hear a lot of talk

About “going green.”

The local stores

Have started to charge

For plastic bags.

They hope we will buy

The reusable ones instead.

And we do,

But never seem to have them

With us…

(If you’re anything like me.)

Plastic bags are harmful

To the environment.

But they are also harmful

In other ways.

Have you ever seen one

Being tossed around

On the highway.

Think about the devastation

It could cause

If it blinded a driver

If even for a short time.

Unlike other things that fly,

I don’t want to be like

A wayward plastic bag.

I don’t want to be

Useful only for a moment.

And I certainly don’t want

To cause tragedy or anxiety

In the lives of others.

May the fact that I fly

Bring only good to

The lives of others.

Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another (John 13:34, NIV).



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