The Best Route

Planning is good.

Scheduling beneficial.

Discipline takes me

A long way.

They keep me on course.


Without flexibility,

I may reach my destination,

But I won’t take the best route.

It’s one of those

Catch 22 things.

If I don’t have a target,

I’ll never know if I’ve hit it.



The best way

To reach the target

Isn’t via a straight line.

I plan my day

And make my list.

I feel great when

I make those tick marks.


Oh, the things I’d miss

If I wasn’t open to the detours.

There has been road work

In our neighbourhood

For quite a while.

I confess,

It has been annoying.

The direct route home

Has been cut off

For months.


How a couple of minutes

Can be such an aggravation.

At times,

My work schedule changes

At the last minute.

When I’ve planned my day

Around the original schedule,

That too,

Can be an annoyance.


That’s life.

It rarely

Goes exactly as planned.

How I face the changes,

The detours,

Says a lot about me.

I know where I’m going–ultimately.

I must plan

What I believe to be

The most direct route.


I must also be flexible.

The best path

For my personal growth

And for those whose lives

Intersect mine

May be something

Other than I’d planned.

I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go (Isaiah 48:17, NIV).


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