Wings of Thankfulness

To say I’ve had a busy week

Is definitely an understatement.

To say I would have gotten

The tiniest fraction of

What needed to be done accomplished

If my love hadn’t been on holidays

Would be an exaggeration.

I am over-the-moon excited that our friends

Are coming for a visit.

I am thankful that I am on schedule

With my client’s project.

I’m glad that I am ahead of

My usual timeline for this time of year.

What lifts me even higher

On the wings of thankfulness tonight

Is the fact that I can look around

And see a clean, tidy house…

Not because of my efforts,

But because of my hubby’s.

Many years ago,

I attended a ladies’ retreat.

The speaker had written

A book about marriage.

She referred to husbands and wives

As each having only one wing.

They needed each other

To truly soar.


That may not always be the case,

But I know it is

In our relationship of 30 years.


I want to publicly thank

My lifelong partner

And the One who brought us together.

May we soar together

For many, many more years to come.

Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate (Mark 10:9, NIV).


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