Surprise Blessings

Flying along.

Enjoying the scenery.


All of a sudden,

I get blindsided…

But in a very good way.

I’d been chatting online

With my son.

His computer battery

Was running low,

So we signed off.

Shortly thereafter,

My telephone rang.

This may be bad

For a mother to say,

But I didn’t recognize his voice.

In my defense,

He has never called from school

Because he doesn’t have

Cell phone reception.

Turns out,

He recently purchased

A calling card.

We talked

Until my phone’s battery

Started to die.

What a blessing!

(The talk

Not that my battery

Almost died.)

I learned

I must keep

My eyes and ears open.

When I am focused

On what is ahead,

I may miss the joy

That is waiting

To ambush me

From another direction.

May the LORD bless you…he who is the Maker of heaven and earth (Psalm 134:3, NIV).


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