While admitting

I have wasted

Far too much time

On a certain social network,

I also proclaimed

My excitement

That I’d made friends

All around the world.

To that statement,

One lady responded,

“Who needs them?”

Or something to that effect.

Time for a big breath.


Is definitely not a substitute

For face-to-face,





In my case,

And for many others,

It is a wonderful way

To connect,

To support,

To stay in touch.

As I’ve mentioned,

I’ve made

Some great friends


I’ve kept in touch

With friends

I rarely get to see.

When I’m too far away

To hug a hurting friend,

A (((hug)))

At least let’s her know

I’m thinking of her.

When another friend

Shares exciting news,

I can

<jump up and down>

And rejoice.

When the miles separate,

My friends are as close

As the computer screen.

My heart soars

At the thought

That I can brighten someone’s day.


Who needs them?

That’d be me!

As long as I’m able,

I’ll continue to soar

In cyberspace.

A friend loves at all times (Proverbs 17:17, NIV).


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