The thermometer

Is dropping.

While I like

The incredible beauty

Of clean, pristine snow,

I’m not a fan of the cold.

I tend to curl up

Under a blanket

And stay put.

When I’m tired,

I flip on the TV

And vegetate.

There are many things

I want to do.

Many things

I should accomplish.

The cold

And the tiredness


And zap me of my motivation.

I know it’s not an excuse.


Too often,

It is my reality.

Much as I’d like to visit

The tropics,

I don’t think I’m cut out

To be a snowbird.

I like the changing seasons.


What to do?


Isn’t the answer.

Knowing myself as I do,

I must start

Heading to bed earlier,

So I can get up earlier,

Grab a sweater

And get at it.

I find,

If I accomplish

A significant amount

Before noon,

It’s a productive day.

If not,

It’s as if I’m weighted down,

Unable to fly.


Here I am again.

(I apologize for the delay.)

Who knows?

I might even start embracing

New winter only activities.

I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great day

Whether the ground is

Covered in snow


You’re looking out

At sandy beaches

And blue waters.

Do everything without grumbling (Philippians 2:14, NIV).


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