The Right Thing

A winter wonderland…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Picture perfect…

I can say those things

About the view from my dining room window.


Only a few miles from here,

The sentiments aren’t quite as uplifting.

Over an hour

To travel a relatively short distance.

Cars slipping into the ditch.

Schools closed.


How a short distance can make

Such a big difference.

Then I thought

What a short distance

It can be

Between stumbling along the ground

And soaring above it.

What a short distance

It is between

Doing my own thing

And the Right Thing.

There is a plan for my life.

Though the skies may be


With storm clouds

As far as the eye can see,

I can always soar.


It will take me a while

To reach my destination.

But that’s OK.

Bundle up.

Look up.

And soar!

Come, follow me (Matthew 4:19, NIV).


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