Folded Wings

My to do list

Is as long as ever.

Many question marks

Mark the days ahead.

The days are most certainly

Flying by.

How can I get everything done?

This is not a season,


For rushing

And getting stressed out.


I admit

I still do,

But that is not

What it’s about.

You’ve heard the story.

The message.

The virgin.

Her fiance.

The census.

The journey.

The inn.

The manger.

The baby.

The angels.

Their message.

The shepherds.

Their praise.

If we don’t believe it,

We ignore it

Or fight against it.


Though I do believe it,

I still forget

To be still.

Do I make it

About Him

And fold my wings

And bow my head


Is it all about

The gifts,

The baking,

The get-togethers?

It’s getting a little late,

But it’s never too late

To redirect my focus.

God bless you all

This wonderful

Christmas season.

(See Luke 2:1-20.)


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