For the Flock


I read

Page after page,

Thought after thought.


A breeze I could have missed

Gave tremendous lift

To my wings.

Such insight!

Not only for writing,

But for life.

It isn’t about

Personal catharsis.

It’s about others.

I know this.

I’ve known it for years.

The question is

Do I live by

This truth?


I make

Very selfish decisions

In my writing

And in my life.

This year,

With the help

Of my Instructor

And with

These wonderful reminders,

I will seek to live

For the flock.

“Anyone who takes writing seriously remembers the purpose of writing in the first place–to communicate with the reader. There are those, however, who are self-centered, writing ‘to express themselves’…it [writing] is not solely a personal catharsis” (Theodore A. Rees Cheney in Getting the Words Right).

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves (Romans 12:10, NIV).


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