Vacation’s Over

As many of you know,

The New Year

Brought new beginnings.

I resigned from my job

To pursue other things.

The temptations were strong.

I spent much of the last two weeks


Not a bad thing really.

But it’s time to get at it.

Vacation’s over.

Time to take to the skies…

For more than sightseeing.

Time to check the itinerary

And set out on

Those new adventures.

What if I get it wrong?

That’s OK.

Course corrections are allowed.

And the physics principle

Still applies.

An object (me) at rest

Tends to stay at rest.

An object in motion

Tends to stay in motion.


Today I fly.

There are destinations

On the horizon.

Exactly what I’ll find

When I get there?

That’s part of the adventure.

All the best,

My fellow flyers!

Jesus often said, “Follow me.” That is my heart’s desire: to follow where He leads.


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