The Trio

Below, I have re-posted my friend’s poem “Stricken.” I have also added the two follow-up poems she has written. Love them, Heather!



Sudden and swift

Like a thunderstorm,

Intense and fast

With lightning speed

And piercing shouts,

The echo in the void.


Yet determined and whole

To pass through the storm.


The storm abated

Exposing a rocky road

And muddied terrain beneath,

Unsettled and quiet.

A misty day lay before

Like a transparent shroud,

Hiding treachery that awaits

And belies safety ahead.

He lies in wait.

Intimidation and malice

Are his tools.


His, not mine,

Is despair.

For God He sent

My Saviour fair,

Who lifted me

And set my feet

On higher ground.

The Path Ahead

A new territory

Lies before,

Uncharted and appealing,

Inviting exploration.


Without oppression

And fear.

Uncertain steps

Reveal hesitation and hope,

As confidence builds

And the freedom to choose begins.


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