The Net


It has marked my life

For years.

The reason


We have too much stuff.

That stuff is too often

Scattered everywhere.

This weekend, I spent

The best parts off a day




Looking around,

I bordered on being


Something needed doing

In every room.

I made a small start.

One thing led to another.

And before I knew it,

I’d made big improvements.

At the end of it,

I felt great.


I can think more clearly.

I am not as confined


Or mentally.

Waking up and seeing

The changes I’d made

Was energizing.

Will my home stay this way?

My track record says,


But I will enjoy it for now.

And I will fly free

Of the net

Called clutter…

At least for now.

Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone (Proverbs 23:5, NIV).


One thought on “The Net

  1. Enjoyable, realistic. Paper, paper always paper. Some to toss, some to keep and others to read and store in my head. All too much. 🙂

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