A Dream Come True

When I was a little girl

I wanted to grow up

And have children of my own.

I especially wanted a daughter.

(I didn’t know, then,

What a blessings

Sons can be.)

Twenty-one years ago today,

My dream came true.

Only 19 months after the arrival

Of her brother,

Our middle child,

Sarah Elizabeth was born.

Because I’d been ill

After Joshua’s arrival,

While still in bed,

I informed my hubby

That I wanted another baby.

I felt I’d missed

That precious newborn stage.

(I’m sure he questioned my sanity,

But he graciously never said so.)

Raising three children

Hasn’t always been easy.

But I wouldn’t trade the experience

For anything.

I love them all

Even more than I imagined

I ever could.

And today

I wish my precious daughter

A very happy 21st birthday

You make my heart soar,

Daughter mine.

And I pray

Yours will have many reasons

To do the same,

Today and every day.

Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him (Psalm 127:3, NIV).


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