Born to Mother

When I was

A girl…

Way back in the Olden Days…

I wanted to grow up

And become a mommy.

(Yep, that was my dream.)

Well, coming up on

Twenty-seven years ago,

My dream came true.

Then again four years later

And nineteen months after that.

Now that my children are grown,

Are my mothering responsibilities over?


It’s not that they need me,

Not in the same way at least.

But now I see

How the nurturing,


And supportive

Elements of mothering

Mark much of what I do

And much of what I desire to do

In the future.


I guess I was

Born to mother.

It’s one thing

That most definitely

Gives me wings.

See Proverbs 31:10-31 (It is my goal to live in such a way that these words may be used to describe me.)


2 thoughts on “Born to Mother

  1. Your mothering skills of unconditional love, understanding and compassion keep you soaring as you so willing share them.

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