Head Held High

I pulled out of our parking spot

The other day.

It was gray and raining


While the weather

Doesn’t really bother me…

And I do appreciate

The budding trees

And the appearance of

Spring flowers…

I must admit

These dreary days

Are dragging on.

And then I saw it…

A robin.

What was he thinking?

How did he feel about the rain?

Of course,

I have no idea what these flyers

Think or feel

Or if they do.

But, for them, spring means

Returning home.

Building nests.

Laying eggs.

Nurturing hatchlings.

And worms.

If a robin feels,

I imagine it’s




It doesn’t hide

Because of the rain.

It drinks in the life-giving benefits.


When the skies are gray…

When the rain falls…

What will I do?

Will I grumble and complain?

Will I mope around

And make excuses?

Or will I look for the blessings

And anticipate the days ahead?

This bird

Who people eagerly watch for

When the winter is over

Has a lesson or two to teach me.

May I live a





May I face the rain

Head held high.

I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving (Psalm 69:30 NIV).


3 thoughts on “Head Held High

  1. I learned a similar lesson about rain. We just finished a study on the Holy Spirit and now the rain and wind reminds me that the Holy Spirit is working in my life, so I too face the rain with ‘head held high.’ -R

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