Toward the Skies

If I really was a bird,

I might fancy myself an eagle.

I wouldn’t mean to,

But I’d likely consider

Some other flyers

Of lesser value.

And birds that couldn’t fly?


Don’t even get me started.

Those birds who tried

To reach the heights,

But always failed?

An inconvenience at best.

More likely,

An annoyance.

Descend to their level

And teach them

How to soar?

Don’t be silly.

I have more important

Things to do…

Or do I?


An individual has entered

Our lives.


He only shows up

Now and then.

But I have to take

A careful look

At my heart.

Do I consider him an inconvenience?

An annoyance?

Or is he a flyer

Who only skims the ground?

Does he even know

How to fly?

And my responsibility…

To soar off

To more important things,

To the heights I love?

Not hardly.

I must realize

I just may be the one

Who points him

Toward the skies.

…whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me [Jesus] (Matthew 25:45, NIV).


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