Always Cherished

Twenty-seven years ago,

A lifelong dream became reality.

David Nathanial Nickel

Arrived on the scene.

His entry wasn’t as expected,

But he did, indeed, arrive

Safe and sound.

Ever since I was a little girl

I’d wanted to be a mommy.

And I was!

What joy!

What blessing!

What responsibility!

My heart took wings

When I realized,

“We have a little boy.”

Did I do everything right?

Excuse me

While I shake my head

And roll my eyes…

And perhaps

Burst into fits of laughter.

Was I always

Patient, loving, and kind?

I wish!


There were

Many wonderful moments

Along the way.


Childhood is but a distant memory.


My son,

Are a man.

I will be forever thankful

For the times we fly together.


Your own flight plan

Is before you.

Fly boldly

Into the wonderful future

I’m sure awaits for you.

You will always be loved.

Always be cherished.

I’m so glad there’s you!

he will bless those who fear the LORD—small and great alike. May the LORD cause you to flourish, both you and your children (Psalm 115:13-14 NIV).


2 thoughts on “Always Cherished

  1. Stephanie, what a beautiful poem. I love how you move the reader through the dream of a woman to nurturing her child to the growth of that child. Very well written. Thank you for sharing.

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