The Real Deal

This past weekend

Our city

Hosted an airshow.

When I heard a plane

Fly over our house

I was out the door

Like a shot.

As is often the case,

I just couldn’t see it…

And the noise it made

Was no help at all.


It got me thinking.

Am I like those jets?


Attracting attention.

Yet nothing much to see…

Unless you happen to be

In just the right place

At just the right time.

I want to be

So much more than that.

The only way

Others will be inspired

Is if they see me,

The real deal.

Not simply hear

A whole lot of noise.

I’ve seen acrobatic performances

And they’re amazing.

But only hearing the rumble

Is nothing but frustrating.

And that pretty smoke

That creates pictures in the sky.


In the end,

It doesn’t mean much of anything.

The wind comes up

And blows it away.

Is that what my life is like?

Will the winds blow away

The pretty pictures?


Will I make a lasting impression

That challenges others

To create more than

Noise and pretty smoke?


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