A Worthwhile Life

I am blessed with

Three grown children

Who still call this

Home base.

I’ve let them fly

On their own

For many years…

Despite what others think.


We haven’t

Kicked them to the curb.

But neither do we

Let them

Laze around and mooch.

I will forever and always

Be their mom.

I will forever and always

Believe I have a role to play.

Whether it’s directly

Or from the sidelines.

I have great power.

Every mother does.

I can build them up

And help them fly.

I can encourage them

To soar ever higher.

I can also

Take aim

And knock them

Out of the sky.

Do I focus on them

When they’re talking to me?

Even if it’s about

Nothing in particular,

The fact that they want to converse

Should mean the world to me.

And it does!

Do I minimize how they’re feeling?

Do I talk too much

And listen too little?

Do my words build up

Or tear down?

Do they truly know

How high I fly

Simply because

I’m their mom?

While I have also be blessed

With a wonderful husband.

A loving extended family.

And many friends.

My kids need to know,

Because of them,

I feel my life has been


Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him (Psalm 127:3 NIV).


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