Pesky Flyers

I grew up

In the country.

And I hated

The bugs.

Absolutely hated them.

Even the ones that

Didn’t bite.

While sitting

In the park

This past weekend,

I realized I didn’t feel

The same way.


They were annoying.

But they didn’t evoke

Such a strong response.

I suppose

With insects

That’s OK.

But what about

The other annoyances

I encounter?

There are things

That used to bother me

That I now ignore.

In some cases,

That shouldn’t be.

I must

Never become desensitized

To those things

That are harmful

To me or others.

There are some bugs

That will bite

Given the chance.

There are some situations

That will do the same.

Both are best avoided.

And in some cases

Fought against.

Turn from evil and do good (Psalm 34:14 NIV).


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