Missing You

I didn’t know

I would miss you

This much, Mom.

You had been

Leaving us

For a number of years.

I thought I was ready.

Ready to rejoice.

Knowing you are truly in

That much better place.

You are worshiping the Saviour.





Here I am

Missing you.


I don’t wish you were

Still here.

How selfish would that be?

And yet,

There are countless times

I think,

I would like to share this

With my mom.

You were such a good friend

For years and years and years.

You blessed me

In so many ways.

You were the first one

With whom

I wanted to share

Any good news.

Any bad news.

Most things really.

You laughed with me

And cried with me.

You held me accountable

When I was being

Less than I could be.

Your simply, unwavering faith

Inspired me.

Your generosity

With time and resources

Will never be forgotten.

I owe you more than

I can express.

You will forever be

In my heart.

And often

In my thoughts.

Enjoy Heaven,

Dear lady.

I’ll see you soon.

Her children arise and call her blessed (Proverbs 31:28 NIV).


5 thoughts on “Missing You

  1. Oh my, Stephanie. Beautiful words. Now I miss my momma all over again. I had been thinking of her this morning, and now I read this. Mom came to know the Lord, two days before she died! What joy there was in my heart. So I can truly say this poem touches my heart.Thanks for sharing and making my day!

    • What a wondrous blessing knowing that your momma is with Jesus! And now we know, while we are down here developing our friendship, our mothers are worshiping the Saviour together. It’s mind-boggling really. Thank you for sharing your heart, dear sister.

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