Hold ’em Loosely

I’ve blogged about

The silly things

That hold us earthbound.

The “stuff” that really isn’t

Important at all.

The big screen TV.

The newest video game.

The expensive wardrobe.

But what about

The things that make me soar?

How can the very things that

Give me wings

Hold me back?


It’s actually a matter of surrender.

Last night,

A missionary spoke

At our church.

It made me think.

Would I be willing

To leave behind

The comforts of my life

To work in some remote location?

That’s a tough one.

Although I may not have

A lot

By North American standards,

There is much I’d miss.

My books.

My art supplies.

My books.

Indoor plumbing.

My books.

Ready access to what I need.

My books.

And then

What about the people?

I might have to leave



My online community.

Do I think I’m headed overseas?

Not really.

But many circumstances

Can cause loss.

Am I holding on tightly

To people and things


Would I continue to soar

If they were taken from me?

I’m not sure.

But I do know

I would have every reason to


I would still be loved.

…give thanks in all circumstances…(1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIV).


2 thoughts on “Hold ’em Loosely

    • I figure if I’m vulnerable with others, they know they can be vulnerable with me.

      And about honesty…Just ask my kids how important it is to me. One day, many years ago, I heard my second son object strongly to something. I called to his older brother, “Did you hit Joshua?” When he responded in the affirmative, I said, “Good boy!” No, I wasn’t happy he’d hit his kid brother, but he was a first rate teller of tales (yes, liar). I was absolutely thrilled that he’d told the truth knowing he would get in trouble. Thankfully, Nathanial has long since given up his life of deception.

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