Upside Down Day

I usually end each post

With a scripture verse

Or two.


I’m going to call it

Upside Down Day.


Opposite Day

From our childhood?


Not to worry,

That’s another story.


Upside Down Day.

I was responding to

A comment on my blog.

My dear friend

Insightfully said

The reason she has trouble flying

Is because she sits too long.

Powerful words.

I must confess

Though I’m busy, busy, busy,

Sometimes I’m not really flying.

If I neglect the Flight Manual

And the Flight Instructor,

I’m only fooling myself.

I opened the Manual,

And there it was…

Colossians 3:1 (NIV)…

Since, then, you have been raised

With Christ,

Set your hearts on things above,

Where Christ is seated

At the right hand of God.

What’s important to God,

The Flight Instructor?

If I can discover that…

And I can because I have

The Flight Manual

(aka the Bible)…

I will truly fly

If what’s important to Him

Becomes my priority.

May I learn.

May I change.

May I fly.


2 thoughts on “Upside Down Day

  1. Yes, I remember ‘backwards’ day, and ‘pymama’ day, and all those other ‘out of the ordinary’ days we used to have at school. I think that’s so fitting for this poem. Because, in essence, what you’re saying is that God wants to take us ‘out’ of the ‘ordinary’ so we may soar with Him. God bless ya. 🙂

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