Powerless Flight

Remember the airline pilot

Who successfully landed a disabled jet

Because of his experience

As a glider pilot?

Can you imagine the panic

That was close at his heels,

The panic he kept at bay

By careful concentration on

The task at hand?


Right now

I feel as if I’m flying

A jumbo jet

With four useless engines.

If I think about things

Too much

I’m going to crash and burn.

If I ignore them

The same result is inevitable.

My brain scurries from one solution

To the next.

Should I try this?

Should I do that?

And then the question

What should I do to fix this

Without being a fixer?

That’s a title I no longer want.

I listen

But there doesn’t seem to be

An answer

Not a concrete one anyway.

And then I ask a better question

A bigger question…


And immediately an answer comes.

So you can help others.

My situation hasn’t changed.

My immediate future

Still isn’t clear.

But now I know

Some good can come of it

And the weight is lessened.

I’m no longer

The pilot of a powerless plane.

It seems

At least one engine has restarted.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves…(Philippians 2:3 NIV)


One thought on “Powerless Flight

  1. Your post gave me food for thought.
    Hmm…ever try and watch a movie when the screen is fuzzy? I liken that to putting the focus on ourselves. But if we step back and help others our life becomes focused. It’s like after you adjust the antenna you get to watch your movie. Okay, I know most people don’t have antennas anymore.

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