Wind in My Wings

You may not see them,

But I know they’re always there.

I have wings.

Some days I keep them folded

And tucked in tight.

Other days I tentatively open them,

Timid about catching the current.

And then there are the best days,

The days I extend them fully

Even before I get out of bed.

Where’s the nearest cliff?

I have to jump off,

Knowing only then

Can I catch an updraft

And reach new heights.

For me

Opportunities equal cliffs.

But just because I come to the edge

Doesn’t mean I’m supposed to jump.

But there is real excitement

When I do.

This week I’ve jumped off

A few more.

I love the feeling of

The wind in my wings.

Tell me

What made you soar today?

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people (Galatians 6:10 NIV).


8 thoughts on “Wind in My Wings

  1. Great poetry always. You may have already read this book. “A Step in the Write Direction: The Complete How-To Book for Christian Writers” by Donna Clark Goodrich. This book offers great ideas for publishing Christian poetry. Worth reading.

    • I haven’t read “A Step…” yet. It sounds good. Thanks for mentioning it. And thank you again for commenting on my posts. I look forward to checking out yours.

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