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Flight of Fancy

As I mention below, I’m gathering my various blogs under one umbrella. I’d love for you to pop by and check it out…http://stephseclecticinterests.wordpress.com

And now for today’s poem…

We gather together

Under one umbrella…

Or is it a parasol?

My split blogging personality

Is setting up shop

In a new location…

Most of us anyway.

When it came time to choose

A background

I found a whimsical one.

What fun!.

It reminds me of

A Dr. Seuss village at night.

I had a little tussle with

My practical self

But whimsy won out.

Not all my personae

Have been invited to join

My new eclectically-interested family

But in time…

I’d love for you to join me on

My newest flight of fancy.

And if you share

Any of my interests

Feel free to approach me

About a guest blog spot.

I’d love to share the journey…

And the workload.

Thanks for making this

A stop on your flight.